IT Manual

Part One: Your Role as an Instructor Trainer


Introduction: How to Use This Manual

Chapter One: Instructor Training Process

Chapter Two: The SDI/TDI/ERDI Instructor

Chapter Three: Dive Leader Risk Management

Chapter Four: Methods of Instruction

Chapter Five: Business of Diving

Chapter Six: Instructor Evaluation Process


Part Two: SDI Instructor Training


About the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor Course

Chapter One: Scheduling Options

Chapter Two: Welcome and Orientation

Chapter Three: Teaching the SDI Instructor Courses (Scuba and Non-Diving) 

Chapter Four: The SDI Instructor (See Chapter 2 from Part 1) 

Chapter Five: Dive Leader Risk Management (See Chapter 3 from Part 1) 

Chapter Six: How to Teach Diving Physics 

Chapter Seven: How to Teach Diving Physiology 

Chapter Eight: Methods of Instruction (See Chapter 4 from Part 1) 

Chapter Nine: Courses an SDI Instructor Can Teach

Chapter Ten: Teaching the Rescue Instructor Course

Chapter Eleven: Teaching Divemasters & Assistant Instructors 

Chapter Twelve: Business of Diving(See Chapter 5 from Part 1) 

Chapter Thirteen: Teaching Specialty Instructor Courses

Chapter Fourteen: Marketing SDI Professional Courses

Chapter Fifteen: Conducting SDI Instructor Course Pool / Confined Water / Open Water Sessions

Chapter Sixteen: SDI Non-Diving Specialty Instructor Program 

Chapter Seventeen: SDI Instructor Crossover Program



Part Three: TDI Instructor Training


About the TDI Instructor Courses


Chapter One: Scheduling Options

Chapter Two: Teaching TDI Instructor Courses

Chapter Three: Non-Diving Specialty Instructor

Chapter Four: Intro to Tech Instructor

Chapter Five: Nitrox Instructor

Chapter Six: Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Chapter Seven: Decompression Procedures Instructor

Chapter Eight- Extended Range Instructor 

Chapter Nine- Advanced Wreck Instructor 

Chapter Ten- Trimix Instructor 

Chapter Eleven- Advanced Trimix Instructor 

Chapter Twelve- Helitrox Instructor 

Chapter Thirteen- Nitrox Gas Blender Instructor 

Chapter Fourteen- Advanced Gas Blender Instructor 

Chapter Fifteen- Equipment O2 Service Technician Instructor 

Chapter Sixteen- Cavern Instructor 

Chapter Seventeen- Intro to Cave Instructor

Chapter Eighteen- Cave Instructor 

Chapter Nineteen- Semi-Closed Rebreather Instructor

Chapter Twenty- KISS GEM Level 1 Instructor

Chapter Twenty-One- Closed-Circuit Rebreather Air Diluent Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Two- Closed-Circuit Rebreather Air Diluent Decompression Procedures Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Three- Closed-Circuit Rebreather Mixed Gas Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Four- Closed-Circuit Rebreather Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Five- Poseidon MK VI CCR Air Diluent Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Six- Poseidon MK VI CCR Air Diluent Decompression Procedures Instructor

Chapter Twenty-Seven- Poseidon MK VI CCR Mixed Gas Instructor Program

Chapter Twenty-Eight- Conducting TDI Instructor Course Water Sessions

Chapter Twenty-Nine- Marketing TDI Instructor Courses 

Part Four- ERDI Instructor Training


About the ERDI Instructor Courses

Chapter One- Scheduling Options 

Chapter Two- Welcome and Orientation 

Chapter Three- Teaching ERDI Professional Courses

Chapter Four- Dive Leader Risk Management 

Chapter Five- Methods of Instruction 

Chapter Six- Public Safety Diving 

Chapter Seven- Courses an ERDI Instructor Can Teach 

Chapter Eight- Conducting ERDI Instructor Course Pool:Confined Water:Open Water Sessions

Chapter Nine- Teaching the ERDI Ops Instructor Course

Chapter Ten- Marketing ERDI Instructor Course 

Part Five: IT Staff Instructor Training


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Part 1 Introduction

Part 1 Chapter 1

Part 1 Chapter 2- SDITDIERDI Instructor

Part 1 Chapter 3- DL Risk Management

Part 1 Chapter 4: Methods of Instruction

Part 1 Chapter 5: Business of Diving 

Part 1 Chapter 6: Evaluation Process 

Part 2 Chapter 2- Welcome and Orientation

Part 2 Chapter 6- How to teach Physics

Part 2 Chapter 7- How to Teach Physiology

Part 2 Chapter 9- Courses an SDI Instructor can Teach

Part 2 Chapter 10- Teaching the Rescue Diver

Part 2 Chapter 11- Teaching the Divemaster and Assistant Instructor Courses

Part 2 Chapter 13- Teaching Specialty Instructors

Part 3 Chapter 2- Welcome and Orientation

Part 4 Chapter 2- Welcome and Orientation

Part 4 Chapter 9- Courses an ERDI Instructor can Teach 

IT Forms


Upgrade Request Form

OWSDI Final Exam Versions A and B

OWSDI Final Exam Answer Keys A and B

OWSDI KQ Answer Keys

SDI Dive Leader Application

SDI OW Answer Sheet 

SDI OW Answer Key A 

SDI OW Answer Key B 

Academic Eval Form 

Confined and Openwater Eval Form